The website will be in a view-only catalog mode until release date. Store opens on Oct. 26th, 2018 at 6:00 PM PST. This drop will be an automotive-centric release.

Flight tags & original short lanyards

Holy cow, after Alexi (noriyaro) posted the mail opening on YouTube, people just cleaned house of the Daijoubu “check engine light” short lanyards. We were out of stock for months.

Now, they are back along with a restock of the original flight tags HeartBeat started with. Joining the lineup will be a tribute Roadster flight tag inspired by and dedicated to the late Dewa-san.

Horn Buttons

For the past year, I’ve been searching for the best horn button to work with as a base. I’ve discovered a horn button manufactured by Toei Co. LTD., JPN that has a fantastic clicking feel and robust build quality.

Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to produce, so this will be the first and last of these horn buttons.

There will be two variations available: a satin black version and a metallic silver version. The satin black version will have chrome foil lettering and the metallic silver version will have a black print. They both look similar and is difficult to photograph- it boils down to which color combination you prefer.

4 satin black and 2 metallic silver buttons will be made available.

Due to its limited nature, orders will be limited to 1 (ONE) PER ORDER.


iM@S: Cinderella Girls

Anya Broadway mirror overlays

Originally created for Twitch streamer TDL_Mischief during Summer 2018, this Broadway Mirror Overlay features a chibi version of Anastasia from iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.

This batch of stickers was created in-house with an industrial-grade frosted vinyl, giving the mirror an etched-glass look.

This material is extremely expensive to purchase in low quantities and difficult to work with since it is opaque vinyl on white backing paper.

For this reason, only 10 will be made available for purchase.

Due to its limited nature, orders will be limited to 1 (ONE) PER ORDER.

Exclusive Japanese Fashion Keys

This is probably the most exclusive part of this Halloween release. I have been collecting these keys for quite some time now, but due to frequent requests from private buyers through my @socalroadster Instagram, I will be listing the majority of my collection for sale here on HeartBeat.

The Ilco key blank was used as a “control group” in our testing to determine which keys are compatible with the Miata. For more information, refer to our comprehensive guide.

For details about fashion key make and models that I’ve collected, take a look at the Fashion Key Breakdown article I’ve written up.


Code M167 (vintage Mazda)


Code M290, M327, M347, M355, M356, M360


Code M347 (Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Suzuki)