Pocky x Dunhill




A design inspired by Pocky Japanese sweet cookie sticks and Dunhill European cigarette packs. This collaboration between HEARTBEAT.LA and TRIPFAST.JP is handcrafted using chrome gold and matte red films superimposed on each other and sealed with a proprietary in-house lamination process that protects the sticker from dirt, debris, UV exposure, and various outdoor conditions.

Art and science meets in unison for this collaborative project to create an ultra-premium design with a spectacular fashion!

**Due to the boutique production process of this item, there will be a strict limit of 1 PER ORDER. 50 total units will be produced; 25 available per store. Thank you for your understanding.**


While made for car enthusiasts to display on their vehicles, heartbeat.la’s decals can be used to decorate just about anything with a smooth surface. MADE IN USA


  • Heat resistant up to 105 °F
  • Water resistant (even through car washes!)
  • 3.75″ x 5.5″ Multilayered Die-Cut
  • Proprietary Gloss Finish
Order Policy

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All sales are final.

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