“Sparkling” Rem





Special edition collaboration with OFFSET by SHWA Inc. This printing method and production process was discovered accidentally in 2016 while printing unintentionally on transparent media. In this re-release of “Sparkling Rem”, the production process remains the same as it was discovered four years ago. This revision, Version 2, features a finer sparkle base media for a more defined print visual.

Version 1 was limited to 20 individually numbered units worldwide. 5 un-numbered units. Released Aug 2016. Large sequin sparkle base media.
Version 2 is limited to 25 individually numbered units worldwide. 5 un-numbered units. Released Oct 2020. Fine sparkle base media.

Smiling Rem will insult you sweetly in this rectangular “slap”!

The Japanese text reads:
-あんたはゴミ “You’re trash” (Top Left)
-ごくつぶし “Good-for-nothing” (Bottom Right)

Part of the manga series.


While made for car enthusiasts to display on their vehicles, heartbeat.la’s decals can be used to decorate just about anything with a smooth surface. All of our stickers are printed on vinyl. Manufactured to withstand outdoor conditions and wear for up to 7 years. MADE IN USA.


  • Heat resistant up to 115 °F
  • Water resistant (even through car washes!)
  • UV-resistant ink that won’t fade in the sun
  • 8.5″ x 2.75″ – satin finish.
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